Monday, March 14, 2011

Page Entry #12 (3/11/2011)

Today I had two very interesting things that occurred. The first was that I was told to get a message at the governor's office over in the pavilion. Amanda (another page) and I went and she thought we were lost because I didn't know what door to go in. We eventually found the right place and got up to the governor's office just in time to see someone I know come out of the door. Mrs. Kunin, who I knew, gave us a tour through the whole governor's office which consists of multiple rooms. It was a fun experience and I'm glad we got the tour. The other event was that they didn't have a quorum in the house which was pointed out by a representative. I hadn't ever seen this before and the doorkeepers had to go round up some extra reps to be able to have a session. Well, I thought that was a pretty interesting day and I hope you did too.

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