Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Page Entry #13 (3/15/2011)

The Senate Chamber was were I was working today and it was a surprisingly long one hour and twenty minute session. It was a fun session because it was busy and there was a lot of interrogating. One particular senator got interrogated by four different people and another senator was quite the interrogator, they really knew the right questions to ask. It looks as if it will be another long session tomorrow. The other thing I took out of the day was actually quite comical. Two representatives (no names will be said) thought someone they had lunch with was sleeping at a desk in the house. So, one of these reps decided to shoot a rubber band at the sleeper, the rubber band hits this person and all you needed to hear when he got up was, " Oh my, thats not Sam! I'm so sorry!" It was pretty funny considering two reps had hit a random sleeping person with a rubber band! I'd have to mark that as the funniest thing i've seen so far as a page. By the way, the two reps thought it was pretty funny too.


  1. great details on the last few days (and thanks for adding the dates : ) -- this is funny post (although you do name one name!) proud of you.

  2. Haha mom you're right I do mention one name and thank you!