Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Page Entry #21 (3/29/2011)

Today was actually quite eventful. I was in the house and even though there was only one thing on the calendar it still went for about an hour. Luke interviewed the governor today about Vermont Yankee for a school project. Dylan, Luke, and I met with Representative Young at noon and he took us to the underground tunnel outside the state house. We had wanted to go for a while and didn't even knew if the tunnel under the state house lawn existed. He took us outside, probably not were we should've been, and we got to go in the tunnel. It was a really cool experience, it was also interesting to have the Vermont State Spelling Bee champion in the house today. Megan (I don't know the spelling) Clark won the spelling bee and is in sixth grade in Vermont. She'll go to the national bee in May. It was a fun day and a great start to my last week!


  1. loved seeing you at work today - I got a great picture you can post on the blog. Glad you got to see the secret underground tunnel.

  2. funny that you don't know how to spell the name of the spelling champ...:) great photo by mom of you in the chamber!!