Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Page Entry #22 (3/30/2011)

The house and senate combined today for a joint session where they voted on judges in the Vermont Supreme Court. There was about four votes I think, I'm not sure, anyway all of the votes were complete blowouts. It wasn't really that exciting in the house today, moved a few bills to third reading and that's really it. One thing I somehow forgot to mention about yesterday was that the Ambassador from Iraq was here and made a speech in the house. It was an interesting speech about Iraq and what the country is really like. Today wasn't too exciting but tomorrow we are meeting with the governor and I'm excited for that. I accidentally skipped blogging on friday of last week and I don't really remember it, all I know is I left early and it was probably a good day! Two days left and I'm going to make the best of them!

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