Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Page Entry #8 (2/25/2011)

The Friday before break was a really slow day. The roads were icy and the amount of legislators that showed up at the state house was very low. All of us, pages, were allowed to leave early and I ended up getting taken home to my host house at about 12:20. My dad picked me up after I had a good two hours playing Fifa 11 against Luke, another page who is my housemate; that game is awesome! There wasn't anything very exciting about Friday so I'm going to use this entry as a summary of my first two weeks.

My first two weeks have been a lot to take in but at the same time they've been a lot of fun. The names and faces of all the legislators and others that I have to learn have come pretty quickly for me so it's getting better and better. I'm really glad they offer this program and I think pages are very useful delivering messages, but they could easily get more work done if they just texted or emailed each other. I think the reason they keep pages is because of the tradition and my mom thinks it's because they like to introduce young people in the state house.

A few things I have really enjoyed are the food, how nice everyone is, and how easy it is to find your way around in the state house. I was allowed to go up into the golden dome with the other pages and we all signed our names. We even saw a signature from 1913.
The view from the top of the dome was great and the whole town looked beautiful. I am settling in very well and cannot believe two weeks are already gone! I'm hoping I don't forget all of the names I have learned and am really excited to get back to Montpelier.

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