Thursday, March 24, 2011

Page Entry #19 (3/24/2011)

I, along with Dylan, Alyssa, and Lindsey, worked in the house chamber today for about six hours. Usually I would've been very excited about this but there was a very few amount of notes. Dylan and I were in the card room for only about an hour. It was still a good day even though there weren't a lot of notes. They'll probably be more tomorrow, hopefully. I'm still loving The Hunger Games and can't put it down, in fact i'm going to go read. Hopefully tomorrow is more interesting.


  1. Ah, from this picture, doesn't look too rough being a page. In fact, it looks pretty sweet, eh? Been enjoying the blog and glad we have you down there to keep an eye on things.

  2. You've learned the executive posture!!'re in the legislature! Awesome job reporting to all of us...make the most of your last week..:)