Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Page Entry #14 (3/16/2011)

The session in the senate today was about an hour and they scheduled to go on the floor tomorrow even though a lot of the time they don't have sessions on Thursday's. There were lots and lots of notes for room 45 today, the house committee on health care. Apparently they are voting on H.202 tomorrow and lots of health places are having people call in trying to get reps to change their minds. These people don't even know who they're talking too they just say I want this message to go to "so and so" and it either says to support this bill are it says to just say no. It was funny because I had to give about 6 or so messages to Larson talking about the bill. After a while the committee was getting so many messages they started to make jokes like saying, "Oh look, another love letter!" It was entertaining every time I got a note for that room and it made it a pretty fun day.

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